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Shopping and Fucking at the Queen's Theatre

On Ice
a cool reaction to Iced

Welcome to Whenever you are

The grand old dame of all things futuristic, intellectual and utterly contemporary, the ICA, has reached the shockingly old age of 50. To celebrate this momentous event, the folk down on the Mall are having a big bash on the weekend of 6-8 February. But although the ICA was conceived as “an adult play centre”, no jellies and ice cream for them. Oh no. This is strictly for grown ups. It’ll be a weekend of debates, films, music and readings, featuring King’s graduate Hanif Kureishi, Will Self, Jeanette Winterson, J G Ballard, Neil Tennant, Hal Hartley, Mike Figgis and many others, plus an acoustic set from Beth Orton and a preview of Wong Kar Wei’s new film Happy Together.
Tickets available on 0171 930 3647.

Fay Weldon
Author Fay Weldon signing copies of her latest
book at Waterstone's in Hampstead last week

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