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cults and students, by Simon Batistoni

London Student Staff

How to avoid being held to a King's ransom

THIS IS NUTS. IF THERE’S NOTHING TO the stories of large-scale financial irregularities at King’s College London Student Union, as they maintain, why on earth not come out and prove it?

A small group of individuals at KCLSU have seen the college’s auditors’ report which gives them all the information they need. It is very foolish, now that this newspaper is getting several telephone calls a week on the matter, to pretend that nothing’s wrong. Our editor is more surprised still at the force of the hostility coming from the union when we had the awful bad taste to take it up with them.

We are printing the story this week because since December, KCLSU has been suppressing genuinely important information about its affairs. It is inconceivable that the union would suspend its general manager, not tell anybody and then expect everyone to fall into line.

The students of King’s (and this newspaper) want to know exactly why the person in overall control of a seven-figure sum of students’ money was suspended and investigated, and we want to know what the conclusions were. Outside of the extremely secretive world of KCL, any public company engaging in this kind of behaviour would be misleading its shareholders and committing a criminal offence. Time for King’s Union’s shareholders to be informed about what’s happening to their investment.

One more thing

ON BEHALF OF almost the entire student media community, London Student would like to dissociate itself completely from the contents of the most recent issue of King’s newspaper, Roar.

We do not consider that there is ever a journalistically or morally acceptable circumstance to reprint a story from the News of the World about a UCL student unamended, save to add a few outright lies, two actionable libels and a headline describing the student as a ‘slag’. The paper is not merely sexist, but misogynist. Now at least we know why they missed the real news on their doorstep.

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