RAF bomb UL into submission

Jason Young

It was a rigorous defeat for the University of London Football Club, as they were beaten by the Royal Air Force on their prestigious grounds at their home base in Uxbridge on Friday 6th February. Despite it being a cold evening and there being extremely tight security at the RAF base, the UL team kept their posture, and maintained their integrity throughout the evening. Not being put off by the aggressive reputation of the opposition, UL got straight into the match which kicked off at 7pm under the watchful eye of referee Sergeant Tim Gunter. By the 34th minute UL’s character was put to the test when the RAF scored their first goal of the match. Almost as if he wished to prove that integrity is much stronger than aggression, UL striker Marco Popovich hit back by scoring UL’s first goal of the match, and his second goal of the season, to make the score 1-1. As would be expected by a military organisation, the RAF counter attacked by scoring their second goal of the match within a minute of UL’s first goal, putting the RAF squad a goal ahead at half-time.

Photo: Chris Penny

The UL team coach Pat Watters left the squad the same as in the first half; this proved worthwhile in the 55th minute when Marco Popovich proved his potential by scoring his second goal of the match, to leave UL level with the home team. The team appeared to be holding together very well until the decision was made to substitute Tony Zarola and Terry Foster for Marvin Jones and Hiro Miyamoto respectively in the 72nd minute. From this point on, it was downhill all the way for UL when the RAF scored their third and final goal of the match in the 73rd minute making the score 3-2. The final whistle blew at precisely 8:45pm, and the only comfort that UL were left with was the free meal and free beer that was laid on by the hosts after the match.


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