Election scandal rocks UCL union


Unremarkable NUS National Shutdown backfires as NUS President is accused of "Failing students 100%"

Lords rejection of government's student funding bill shows up Labour split


SOAS set up 'virtual' shop

Anti-Nazi League attempts to expel Greenwich lecturer

Lord Archer tells Royal Holloway: London Mayor bid is "no ego trip."

UNL students hypnotised by their lecturers

Queen Mary and Westfield Rag Week: "Time for something completely different"

Royal Holloway Rag Week hailed as a "great success"

Hislop brings some wit to Senate House


Vice squad raid student over pornographic photos

Dyslexia breakthrough denied


Stars go out for Greenwich Observatory

Claims of false figures given for 'Countryside March' to Hyde Park


Minimum wage could spell end for tips

Report confirms cannabis does 'less harm' than cigarettes and alcohol

'The Intimate Enemy' - festival aims to prevent violence against women

Three hurt and one arrested in ULU bar fight

A FIGHT broke out on Friday 20th February in the Duck and Dive bar resulting in injuries to staff and a client.

According to a ULU spokesperson it is thought that the fight began when one man approached another for sexual favours. Following a refusal, he hit the other man and broke his nose. Stewards intervened and took the aggressive man away whilst his victim was treated by first aiders.

According to reports, the man became aggressive in reception and had to be restrained by five people. One member of staff was bitten and another hurt whilst the police were called.

The man was formally charged with two counts of ABH. It is thought that two ULU staff members and one Top Guard employee will give evidence in court.

German student stole 17,000 books

A THEOLOGY student in Germany has been testing one of the Ten Commandments to the full during the last five years.

Police revealed that, during this time, the student had stolen a total of 17,000 books from various university libraries.

The books, worth nearly 300,000 dollars were found both in the student’s flat and at his parent’s home.

After receiving an unusual amount of library-stamped books, a local bookseller alerted the authorities. The student confessed that he had been stealing the books at a rate of fourteen a day.

British lecturer to visit White House

AT THE PERSONAL request of US President Bill Clinton, Stephen Hawking will give a guest lecture at the White House. Entitled “Imagination and Change: Science in the Next Millennium”, his talk will be held on the evening of March 6.

Mr. Hawking is expected to discuss the major scientific developments that might occur in the 21st century and the role of science in society.

The lecture is being broadcast live by satellite and can also be heard on the White House web site or from Sun Microsystems web site using Real Player 5.0 and GTS Audio and Video, starting at 12:30am March 7 GMT.

Brunel graduate fools Oxford college

A GRADUATE of Brunel University managed to fool an Oxford college for five months into believing that he was attending doing a postgraduate course there.

Richard Ray, 31, had held a job in the university’s administration office, which produces identity cards for Oxford students.

Whilst there he produced a bogus card for himself describing him as a doctor of philosophy studying at Worcester College.

Possession of the card enabled him to gain a room in Worcester House, where he lived for five months. Ray now faces community service, but is unrepentant and is using his experience to write a book about student life at Oxford.


Morning Star writers strike over dismissal of editor

Journalists at the Morning Star “the daily paper of the left” have been on strike for over two weeks to demand the reinstatement of suspended editor John Haylett. They are claiming Chief Executive Mary Rosser suspended Haylett on false charges.

The paper is the official voice of the Communist Party of Britain (CPB) Ian Farrell, from the Weekly Worker, says that the CPB and the Morning Star have been run as ‘the personal fiefdoms of Hicks and Rosser’ ever since the CPB came into existence in the early Eighties after splitting from the Communist Party of Great Britain.


New homelessness campaign in capital

THE CHARITY organisation Shelter which campaigns nationally for homeless people is set to launch its “Shelter Week” operation with a special report underlining the plight of over a million people who live in inadequate accommodation.

The report entitled “Behind Closed Doors”, reveals that up to 500,000 people live in conditions in which their health and safety are put in danger, but are not acknowledged as being homeless by either the public or official bodies.

Shelter’s position is that a house is not a home unless it is a permanent residence.

To tackle the problem Shelter is calling for new legislation such as a landlord licensing scheme.

‘Shelter Week’ runs from the 9th to the 15th of March.


'Lab Animal Day' highlights woes of vivesection animals

SUNDAY 24th April 1998 is Lab Animal day. The National Anti-Vivisection society (NAVS) are supporting this by encouraging the nation to wear silver badges, attend political lobbies and donate money to street collectors.

A study conducted in Canada has shown that the use of pigs in training surgeons has led to reductions in complications following complicated operations. The practice is illegal in Britain however and UK surgeons are forced to go abroad to Europe, Ireland and Canada for training in new techniques such as internal surgery using optical fibres with tiny mechanised tools.

The NAVS director Jan Creamer has asked for volunteers for street collection and local shopkeepers to stock Anti-Vivisection badges.


Pressure groups promote 'National No Smoking Day' for fifteenth year

“Ready...Steady...Stop” are the words that the organisers of thenational No Smoking Day are using to encourage the nation to give up the dreaded weed on Wednesday, 11th March.

This is the fifteenth year of this popular and successful campaign and it is estimated that each No Smoking Day helps around 40,000 people to quit. No Smoking Day aims to encourage and assist smokers who are trying to quit, as well as raise awareness about the campaign and the dangers which smoking can cause.

For further help Ash, Action on Smoking and Health, can be contacted by phoning their free quitline on 0800 00 22 00.


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