Model Students

Photo: Abbie Trayler-Smith
“There! In the black top. She’s one! She’s good.” With that her pint flew onto the table and before you could say Linford Christie, Cathy was halfway across the Duck and Dive. I was beginning to see why trainers are de rigeur for model scouts. If you are going to spend the evening careering about a Freshers’ Fair looking for beautiful people, you may as well have the appropriate footwear.
This was Cathy’s first catch of the evening: Emily, a classically pretty first year Neuroscientist from UCL: tall (5’10’’) and slim, with perfect skin and hair. She has what the agency would describe and the “young, fresh-faced look”. At this particular moment she was actually looking more wary and suspicious than anything else. Having said that, she had just been jumped by Cathy, wielding her “Select”-clad chest in a very well practised manner.

Select were scouting at the ULU Freshers’ Fair as part of the recently launched competition to find the Student Face of 1998. Following the success of models such as Jan Dunning and Chris Walters, both of whom were scouted whilst at college, model agencies have recognised students as a largely un-scouted portion of the population. Possibly the scouting is taking place at Freshers’ Fairs, so that potential models can be scouted before student life proper kicks in and turns them all into drunken, exhausted wrecks. Emily, it would seem, had just what the agency was after.

Cathy had been discussing the qualities that scouts look for in a model. Height, figure, features: most people have these things, but just not in the places they have to be for the Select model agency to be interested.

Agencies also need a face they can work with, a ‘blank canvas’ that can take whatever image a particular photo-shoot requires. Select’s recruitment drive may soon be hitting the public schools in its quest to find fresh, clean faces.

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